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Nottingham Forest 2

Nottingham Forest 2
Nottingham Forest Logo.

Sign him up

sign him up

sign him up

sign him up

sign him up

sign him uppp

sign him up

sign him up

sign Him Up.

Raddy, Raddy Majewski,
he fixed burst pipes
in his own country,
now he’s over here,
nicking English jobs,
and scoring goals
with his shots and lobs!

When I was just a little boy

daddy brought me a brand new toy

was a derby fan on a peice of string

all I could do was kick his head in

you reds

kick his head in

you reds.

Na na na na na na na na na na na F O R E S T.

If I had the wings of a sparrow
if I had the a**e of a crow
I’d fly over Pride Park tomorrow
and s**t on the b*****ds below.

We All Agree Skeggy
is better than blackpool.

Billy,ever you may be
you are the boss of the NFFC
SHAG my wife on the city ground pitch
if you get those reds in the premiership.

Stand up if you hate Derby
stand up if you hate Derby
stand up if you hate Derby.

Ei ei ei ei ei i o
up the Football League we go
when we get promoted
this is what we’ll sing
we are Forest we are
Forest Davies is our King!

If you’re happy with your Raddy,
clap your hands,
if you’re happy with your Raddy
clap your hands,
yes I’m happy with my Raddy,
‘cos he really made me happy,
when he scored from 30 yards
against the Rams.

Sven Goran-Eriksson
what a w****r,what a w****r.

Never felt more
like singing the Blues
when Forest win and Derby lose
oooooh you’ve got me singing the Blues.

Arthur Scargill, is a w****r
is a w****r
Arthur Scargill is a w****r
is a w****r.

Adebola (clap,clap) Adebola (clap,clap)
Adebola, Adebola, Adebola (clap,clap)
he came from Bristol City
to come and play for Billy
he’s got a big willy
but it’s not as big as mine.

Weeeeee alll agrreeee
Nottingham Forest are magic
are magic, are magic.

Forever and ever
we’ll follow our team
we’re Nottingham Forest, we reign supreme
we’ll never be mastered
by you Geordie b******s
we’ll keep the red flag flying high.

When the ball hits the goal,
it’s our f*****g great Pole,
it’s Majewski.

Darren, Darren call your dad!

County fans are inbreds,
County fans are inbreds,
Like Mansfield Town,
Like Mansfield Town!

Forest boys
we are here sh*g your women,
drink your beer.
Mansfield boys
they are here got big tabs
and very queer.

Oh Kris Commons is a judas,
he said he was a red,
he turned out to be
a sheep sh***er instead,
he wobbles down the left wing,
he wobbles down the right,
he’ll never play for us again
cause he is f*****g s**te.

My garden shed! (My garden shed!)
is bigger than this! (is bigger than this!)
My garden shed is bigger than this!
It’s got a door, and a window!
My garden shed is bigger than this!

What’s it like to s**g a sheep,
what’s it like to s**g a sheep.

Your mother is your brother,
your sister is uncle,
your all a bunch of inbreeds,
the Mansfield family, do wop.

F O R E S T,
Forest is the team for me,
with a knick nak paddy wak,
give a dog a bone,
why don’t ———— f**k off home.

You are my Forest, my only Forest,
you make me happy when skies are grey,
you never notice how much I love you,
please don’t take my Forest away.

Everywhere we go oh (repeat),
people want to know oh (repeat),
who the hell we are (repeat),
shall we tell em (repeat),
we are the super reds (repeat),
oh! oh! (repeat),
Forest! Forest! Forest! Forest!

Lee Camp is a Red dog
He used to be a ram
but then he signed for Forest
‘cos he’s a proper man.

He took the s**t from Derby
and kissed the Forest tree
and then he went and took the p**s
and saved their penalty.

Those were the days my friend,
we thought they’d never end,
we’d sing and dance forever and a day,
we’d live the life we choose,
we’d fight and never lose,
those were the days oh yes
they were the days,
na na na na na na.

You can’t read and you can’t write,
but that don’t really matter,
you come to the City Ground,
it’s you we’re gonna batter.

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