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FC Aston Villa 3

FC Aston Villa 3
FC Aston Villa Logo.

He’s over on the left
and on the right,
is it Shaun Wright-Phillips?
No he’s sh*te!
No it’s not Aaron Lennon,
someone better tell ‘em,
it’s Ashley Young
and he’s f**kin’ dynamite.

And it’s Aston Villa,
Aston Villa FC,
we’re by far the greatest team,
the world has ever seen.

He plays down the left,
he plays down the right,
that boy Ashley Young
makes Ronaldo look s**te.

Birmingham are you listening?,
to the song that were singing,
we’re walking along,
singing a song,
s*****g on the City as we goooooo.

There’s only one Martin Laursen,
one Martin Laursen,
he plays at the back
but he’s great in attack,
walking in a Laursen wonderland.

John Carew, Carew,
he’s bigger then me and you,
he’s gonna score one or two,
John Carew, Carew.

Dara, dara, dara, dara,
Car-los Cueller,
Dara, dara, dara dara,
Car-los Cueller.
He’s 6ft 3 with curly hair
and goofy teeth but we don’t care,
He’s Carlos Cueller,
the Villa centre-half!

Gabby, Gabby,
Gabby, Gabby Agbonlahor,
he’s gonna score,
he’s gonna score.

Love, Love will tear us apart, again.

Birmingham are you listening,
walking along singing a song,
sh*****g on the City as we go.

Gabby, Gabby, Gabby,
Gabby, Gabby Agbonlahor,
he’s fast as f**k,
he’s fast as f**k.

His arm band proved
he was a claret,
Carew Carew,
he said he was a Villain,
Carew Carew,
we bought the lad
from northern France,
he heads the ball
and scores again,
John Carew,
he’s from Norway.

As I walked on to
the steps of the Holte End,
as I walked on to
the Holte End one day,
I spied a poor
Blues fan all cut up in ribbons,
all cut up
in ribbons and s**t on,
they say I said
to that Blues fan,
what have they done
to you and why have
they treated you
in such a way,
he said all
I did sir
was go up the Holte End
and say Aston Villa
were all men of clay,
the Holte did not like it
they rose up above him,
they kicked in his b*****ks,
they kicked in his head
and now that poor Blues
fan is pushing up daisies,
he’s pushing up daisies
he’s stone f*****g dead,
now let that be a lesson
to all of you Blues fans,
who come up the Holte End
to sing and to play,
if you say a word
against Aston Villa,
it will be the last word
that you ever say.

John Carew, Carew.
He likes a lapdance or two.
He might even pay for you.
John Carew, Carew.

Chim chiminy,
chim chiminy,
chim chim charoo,
who needs Wayne Rooney,
when we’ve got Carew.

John Carew, Carew,
he’s bigger than me or you,
he’s gonna score one or two,
coz he’s John Carew.

Wipe that snot off the end of your nose,
wipe that snot off your nose,
though it’s long and greeny still wipe it off,
till you get to the end of the snot,
with all that snot,
I hope you rot in the champion——ship.

You’re just a short Paul Ince,
You’re just a short Paul Ince.


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