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Newcastle United 3

Newcastle United 3
Newcastle United Logo.

His name’s Joey Barton and he loves the toon,
his name’s Joey Barton and he loves the toon,
everyone needs a nutter in the middle,
everyone needs a nutter,
everyone needs a nutter in the middle,
everyone needs a nutter,
his name’s Joey Barton and he loves the toon,
his name’s Joey Barton and he loves the toon.

Harper give us a wave
harper Harper give us a wave

(when he waves)

there’s only one Steve Harper,on Steve Harper
there’s only one Steve Harper one Steve Harper.

Who is the one we love the most, yi kna, yi kna
he comes from the Ivory Coast, yi kna, yi kna
he’s better than you, He’s better than me
he’s better than Rooney and Messi
cheick Tiiiooote f**k the MacKems up!


la lala lala lala la la
la lala lala lala la la

he’s better than you he’s better than me
he’s better than Rooney and Messi
cheick Tiiooote, f**k the MacKems up!

Taylor’s c**k,
is bigger than yours,
Taylor’s c**k,
is bigger than yours,
Taylor’s c**k,
is bigger than yours,
Taylor’s c**k,
is bigger than yours.

We love you, We love you,
We love you!

and that is why we follow,
we follow, we follow

cause we support Newcastle,
Newcastle, Newcastle

and that’s the way we like it,
we like, we like it

oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh
oh oh oh oh oh ohhhhhh

(repeat till bored)

O’S that in goal for the toon,
its Stevie Harper, its Stevie Harper

(repeat till bored)

He’s not your friend

he’s not my friend

he beats his girlfriend
andy Carroll!

Toon Toon

better Than Spartans

There was an old farmer who lived on a rock
he sat in the meadow just shaking his
fist at some boys who we’re down by the crick
their feet in the water, their hands on their
marbles and play things at a half passed four
there came a young lady who looked like a
pretty, young preacher
she sat on the grass, she pulled up her dress
and she showed them her

ruffles, and laces and white fluffy duck
she said she was learning a new way to
bring up her children, so they would not spit
while the boys in the barnyard we’re shoveling
refuse, and litter from yesterday’s hunt
while the girl in the meadow was rubbing her
eyes at the fellow, down by the dock
he looked like a man with a sizable
home in the country, with a big fence out front
if he asked her politely, she’d show him her
little pet dog, who was subject to fits
and maybe she’d let him grab hold of her
small, tender hands with a movement so quick
and then she’d bend over and suck on his
candy, so tasty made of butterscotch
and then he’d spread whip cream all over her
cookies that she had left out on her shelf
if you think this is dirty
you can go f*ck yourself!

I was drunk last night,
I was drunk the night before
i’m gonna drink like
i’ve never drank before

and we will drink,
where ever we will be,
for we are the drunk and disorderly

drink!drink! where ever we may be
we are the Drunk and Disorderly
and we will drink where ever we will be

for we are the drunk and disorderly.

Wee’l meet again
don’t know where

don’t know when!
but I know Wee’l meet again some Sunny day.

He put’s his face mask in, his face mask out
in, out in, out he shakes it all about
so we do the Ameobi and we turn around
thats what it’s all about Sing,

ohhh Shola Ameobi! (Shola)
ohhh Shola Ameobi! (Shola)
ohhh Shola Ameobi! (Shola)

mask off, arms stretched rah rah rah!

Phil houghton is a useless pomel
loving terd licking dick head
I shaggeed his mam
and his dead gran
and also licked out
his whore of a mam
and my mate said
if u ever say anything
against si bobby again
hel track you down kill you
and burry you next
to your dead grandma haha
your nanna is dead
I bucked her up the a**e
on her death bed so go
and f**k yourself u
MacKem baserd coz
I bet you are a sunderland fan
who goes to about to games
a season coz when
the legend passed away
the MacKem cunts
we’re singing theres
only one bobby robson theres
only one bobby robson ur a s**t fan
but ya dead gran is clsss in bed
considering I only paid ЈЈone.
50 per night for her
your dead gran!

Bobby Robson is dead is dead is dead

bobby robson is dead

he hates newcastle!

Kuqi wherever you may be,

you are a big,big faaaatty,
when you hit a shot it goes
as high as the moon’
but your loved by the toon,toon,toon!

Poontang poontang newcastle r s**t.

Bobby Robson is dead, is dead

bobby Robson is dead

he hates newcastle!!!!!!!!!!!!!oneone.

If I had the wings of a sparrow,
and the Black and White a**e of a crow,
I’d fly over Sunderland tomorrow,
and s**t on the b*****ds below Below!
shit on,
shit on,

shit on the b*****ds below Below!

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