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Middlesbrough 2

Middlesbrough 2

Middlesbrough Logo.

On the banks of the river Tees,
where we come from,
the red army,
are loud and strong,
aahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh
oohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh
aahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh
oohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh.

Sports direct.com St James lalalalalalalala
what a f*****g s**t name that is lalalalalalalala
geordie b******s geordie b******s lalalalalalalala
sports direct .. com St James hahahahahahahaha.

Feed the Geordies let them know its Christmas time
and feed the Geordies let them know its Christmas time.

F**k the Kop stand, f**k the Kop stand , f**k the Kop stand, ’cause they’re shit.

Same old Geordies always eating.
You fat b******s! You fat b******s!

If you are feeling lonely
and if your feeling sad just pop
into the Halgate and you won’t feel so bad
but if you are a Geordie you’ll hear a mighty roar,
f**k off you Geordie b******s
and don’t come back no more, arrrrrggghhhhh.

My garden shed (My garden shed) is bigger
than this (is bigger than this)
it has a door and a window my garden shed
is bigger than this, roarrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Cheer up Chris Houghton,
oh what can it mean to a sad
Geordie b*****d and a s**te football team.

Gordon Strachan’s red white army,
we hate Newcastle.

We hate Geordies
and we hate Geordies,
we hate Geordies we do,
Tee Tee Tee-siders Tee Tee Tee-siders.

For 20 years they won f**k all
for 30 years they won f**k all
for 40 years they won f**k all
even with Shearer the Geordies won f**k all
the Geordies won f**k all
the Geordies won f**k all.

You’re too fat,
you’re too fat,
you’re too fat to referee,
you’re too fat to refereeee.

We are the infant Hercules Boro Boro,
we stand beside the River Tees Boro Boro,
our reputations far and wide,
we sing with passion,
we sing with pride,
Middlesbrough Red army on the rise.

Dream on dream on,
with hope in your hearts,
cos you’ll never win the league,
you’ll never win the league.

We don’t need no health and safety,
We don’t need no ground control,
We’re just here to support the ‘Boro,
Hey, stewards, leave our fans alone!

He’s got a pineapple on his head.

When we find ourselves in times of trouble,
Stevie Gibson comes to me,
speaking words of wisdom, MFC!
there will be an answer, MFC.

Danny, Danny Coyne! Danny, Danny Coyne!

Ei Ei Eio,
up the Football League we go,
we are Middlesbrough,
and this is what we sing.

We got Marlon,
we got Marlon,
we got Marlon King.

You aren’t my Alves, Afonso Alves,
you make me sa-aad when sky’s are blue,
and Georgie Best, cost f*****g less,
so please take my Alves away.

He loves to play in centre mid,
He only cost three million quid,
Digard ,Digard.
He scores a goal with half a chance,
we’ll never send him back to France.

Didier Digard Middlesbrough’s number 8.

In 69 oh this is right,
a trophy was won by the black and white,
it’s been a long time,
since that day,
so we’ll sing them a song,
that they’ll f*****g hate,
39 years (f**k all),
39 years (f**k all),
39 years (f**k all).

Viva Dooowning,
viva Dooowning,
twenty million quid,
f**k of to the Bridge,
viva Dooowning,
viva Dooowning.

A-fon-so so so,
will you please score me a goal,
A-fon so so so will you score me 3 or 4,
with your left with your right,
with your head or with your knee,
A-fon-so so so,
will you score a goal for me.

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